50MW CHP Units in the UK

As part of the planning process, Real Ventures will conduct a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

The EIA will address a range of potential environmental impacts and identify mitigation measures where appropriate.

The Environment Agency is the Regulator of the Site and responsible for Permitting issues.
The Local Planning Authority is responsible for Development Control

A sustainable balance is maintained between carbon emitted and absorbed. The combustion of biomass as a fuel returns CO2 to the atmosphere which was absorbed during the growth of the plant/tree over the previous few months or years and this carbon is part of the current carbon cycle. Provided the land continues to support growing plant/tree material, the life cycle is essentially carbon neutral.

The development of the Reality Energy Centre concept has been carried out by an integrated team of professional design, process and environmental experts.  The potential environmental impacts of the development have been under constant review during the design process by this team.