50MW CHP Units in the UK

About Biomass

Biomass renewable energy generation covers a wide spectrum of energy generation approaches including gasification, pyrolysis, anaerobic digestion, biomass conversion, co-firing of biomass and energy crops (with and without CHP), dedicated biomass and energy crops (with and without CHP) and Energy from Waste.

Of these technologies, co-firing and dedicated firing of biomass and energy crops (with or without CHP) are best suited to electricity production. With CHP capability, the potential for process heat utilisation results in the potential for further useable energy generation and CO2 reductions.

Biomass CHP was identified by Real Ventures as the most appropriate solution to quickly providing a substantial increase in renewable energy production and consequential Carbon Dioxide reduction.

Biomass CHP uses proven technologies with plant and equipment available from a range of suppliers. There are vast resources of fuel from sustainable sources. The electricity generation will be defined, predictable and reliable. There is also the additional benefit of heat production which can be rolled out through further infrastructure developments (pipework) in the future. Similar systems have been installed both in the UK and throughout Europe.